Lakeisha Douch

I use photography as a way to explore who I am. 

On both levels of consciousness, the theme of identity is prevalent in my work. Due to the broadly subjective nature of identity, it is hard for me to be definitive about who I am and who I am as an artist. My outlook is ever-changing. I use art and photography to explore my views and try to make sense of my surroundings.

I am interested in how people view themselves and how others see them. Culture and heritage are also important to me and an aspect of identity I am intrigued by.

I am from a mixed background, my mother is English and my father is St. Lucian, meaning I am apart of two very different cultures. This is very important to me and is something I am always open to learning more about.

I am a 22-year-old Photographer based in Dorset. I studied at the University of the Arts: London College of Communication. I am currently a social media marketing executive. I have experience photography, directing, studio, editing and styling shoots, social media and marketing.

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