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Andreas Gursky Exhibition at The Hayward Gallery

Updated: Mar 23, 2018

So on the 31st January, myself and a few friends went to see the Andreas Gursky exhibition at The Hayward Gallery. The exhibition was brilliant and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The size of the exhibition was surprising, the work spanned over 2 floors of the gallery. Majority of the images were printed massively to the full extent of the gallery walls, which fully immersed you in the imagery. The size of the photos were so impressive and really inspired me to start thinking about size more in my work as I feel large prints like Gursky's really give a big impact and make the viewer look at every detail of the image. The large size allows you to get up close to the picture and study all the little details in the images which you probably wouldn't notice if the picture was smaller.

My current project at university is a group project where we have to support/work with a charity of our choice and help with their campaign. Our chosen charity is Just a Card, a charity supporting local independent shops, artists and galleries. Gursky's work was interesting to look at as some of the work was of shops or workers which visually worked with the imagery of my project. Therefore going also benefited my university project as well my personal work.

Overall, I enjoyed the Gursky exhibition and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of going. At The Hayward Gallery there are also talks on different subjects surrounding Gursky's work, I am hoping to attend the talk on Photography and the Urban Landscape. With a panel of guest speakers including Thomas Weski, Owen Hatherly and Alona Pardo.

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