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Different Film Cameras and the Outcomes

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

Over some time I have started a small collection of 35mm cameras. I bought my first 35mm compact camera after moving to uni, I wanted a small camera I could carry around with me day-to-day. I purchased my first camera from eBay, it was fairly cheap only around £16. I contacted the seller to ensure that camera was in full working order, a lot of old compact cameras people sell on eBay are those they've found in their loft which have been up there for years. Therefore some don't work or have a light leaks etc, therefore it's always best to contact the seller before hand to check this. Looking on eBay or was a lot more affordable than some online shops. Different sellers on Depop, I found overcharged for their cameras and I found identical products on eBay for a lot cheaper, therefore checking eBay, Facebook marketplace or even Gumtree before making a purchase is a good plan.


These are some images I have taken using the Olympus Superzoom 76g. For my first camera I didn't want anything too expensive as I was still a beginner, therefore I went for this camera which was only £16 from eBay. I looked up on Flickr and Lomography at other peoples blog posts to see how the camera's images came out. Despite the chunkiness, the camera is a good size. It often fitted in my bag on nights out and wasn't too heavy when being worn round my neck. The camera auto winds the film which is good and I never had any problems with it getting stuck or not rewinding. The only issue I had was that , on a few occasions, I accidentally dropped the camera. Due to this, it did get slower and the focus of the camera would take a long time. I often missed shots due to this, however it is not the cameras fault but my own for being so clumsy therefore if you're fairly clumsy like me this camera will last as it is quite robust however eventually it'll slowly die and become very slow. Before all my unfortunate droppings, the cameras focus at night would be quite slow. The camera has a flash however to take a picture in darkness was difficult for it, and took quite a long time so not the best if you wish to take photographs at night. Overall, this camera was great as a cheap, beginners camera and I took some great photos with it. However, after having this camera for about a year I decided to get a new camera. I wanted another compact camera that was a lot faster, and slightly smaller too so that it would be easier to pop in my bag when taking it out.


OLYMPUS µ[mju:]-V

The Olympus µ[mju:]-V is my newest point and shoot. I purchased this one from www.rockycameras, which is a great site that sell analogue cameras at affordable prices. This camera cost me around £35. The camera is small and fits my hand well, the exterior is aesthetically pleasing. This camera holds a different battery to the Olympus Superzoom 76G, however was easy to find. I purchased the CR2 battery from Wilkinson, these batteries can be fairly hard to find. The same as when I purchased all my other camera, I had a look on Flickr and Instagram to see photos people had taken using the camera to see how the camera performed. Above are some images I have taken using this camera. The camera is great for quick focusing, especially at night compared to the Olympus Superzoom. I take my camera on a lot of nights out/events therefore I wanted a camera that was quick at capturing in the dark and this one does. Similar to most of my other cameras the viewfinder is quite small, but I find that this is the same with most point and shoots. I have only developed one roll of film from this camera so far, but I am very happy with how they turned out. They're all sharp and the colours are nice, I will continue using this camera for my day-to-day shooting however I am now looking into buying a manual focus slr. I want to have more control my images and therefore want to use an slr rather than a point and shoot.



The Olympus Trip 35 is a camera I wanted for a while. I had seen them around on Depop and some photographers on Instagram using them and liked the way they look and the images they take. I had a good search around to try and find one in good condition at an affordable price. I tried a couple of camera stores in London however they were all priced from £60 - £120 which was out of my price range, especially as I saw a few on eBay for £40 and up. As always, the worry for buying off of eBay or other second hand sellers is that the camera has light leaks or other defects. I luckily found a mint condition Trip 35 on eBay and the camera had been tested by the user therefore I was assured of a full working camera. I purchased my Olympus Trip for £35 including delivery, which is a great affordable price. The camera is in great condition and came with a case, however with old cases a lot of them are coated and when hot these coatings tend to melt and leave black sticky residue on everything, so be aware!! The trip is an easy to use camera, the lens has multiple options which you can change between depending on if you're shooting single portraits, multiple portraits or landscapes. It's fully auto focus which is great, the camera is very rectangular which can be a little uncomfortable to hold but nothing drastic. The viewfinder however is slightly blocked by the cameras lens. The bottom right of the finder is covered by the corner of the lens so therefore you can't see the whole of the image you're taking. I don't find this a major problem, it would be great to see fully out of the viewfinder, however after a while of shooting you hardly notice that you can't see the bottom right of the frame. The camera also has an ASA dial, therefore you can change the ASA depending on the film you're using. You can also set the aperture or have it on auto. Overall, the Olympus Trip 35 is a lovely camera. It's a classic point and shoot which is fully auto with options of being manual, there's no need for batteries therefore the camera is ready to use straight away, the only downside of the trip is that there is no flash on the camera. I use mine for landscapes, I have a digital point and shoot that I use day-to-day however I always take my trip with me to capture landscapes where ever I go.

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