• Lakeisha Douch

Short Term Internship: How I applied

After my second term of university, I have 4 weeks holiday time for Easter. For me, 4 weeks is a long time to have off and I find myself bored a lot of the time; spending most of my days not doing a lot or just spending way too much money than I should. Even though it is lovely to relax after such a busy term, I decided for this term break I was going to try and get some experience in the field of photography.

I am only second year however I am still very unsure in which field of photography I eventually want to go into and get a job in once I finish university next year. For me, I am unsure whether I want to venture into PR, fashion/editorial or publishing. I have had experience in making books and have done a few fashion shoots, I have also spoken to a fashion photographer about her work and lifestyle therefore I felt I had a small but good insight into these different areas. However PR photography, is something I don't know much about, my university course is more fine art/documentary/fashion based therefore I haven't really done the commercial/coorporate side before. So, I contacted a PR company in my home town where I will be spending my holidays. They were very welcoming and said they'd love to have me to join them, therefore for 2-3 weeks I will be shadowing their head of visuals and photographer. Below is the email I sent:

I attached my CV as well as a creative CV, which contained all the skills that I have. Including things like photoshop, use of digital and analogue cameras and booking making skills. As well I added links to my website and my photography instagram so they can get a sense of my work.

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