Memories of E & C was my first university project. I was living in a new place, a place that I'd heard so many terrible things about. However, living there I discovered what an amazing area Elephant & Castle really is. I will always hold it close to my heart. Elephant and Castle, or E&C as we referred to it as and many others do, is an area in Zone 1 London close to Waterloo. The area is currently undergoing gentrification and many businesses have been forced to close. The shopping centre is the heart of Elephant and Castle and is known far and wide by many. I was lucky enough to see it in all its glory, so much had changed by the time I left London. The shopping centre is now closed and ready to be knocked down after many years of protests. The shopping centre will always be in my memory, the little shops selling jewellery, all-purpose shops selling everything you'd ever need, stopping at a greggs or tesco for uni lunch. Getting your ears pierced in the hairdressers, school kids running around after school, the market outside selling some dodgy copies of the latest Nike release. Let's not forget the legendary bowling alley on the top floor, where they did student deals, played club music and served beer by the jugs. These photos capture history and a way of life that is soon to be no longer, I hope one day they'll be as special to someone else as they are to me.